Why choose Axiom Forensics?

Business Valuation

  • Family Law Matters
  • Litigation Matters
  • Business Sale
  • Trust & Estate Planning
  • Business Purchase
  • IRS and Tax Matters

Forensic Accounting

  •  Family Law - Separate Property Tracing
  •  Trust and Estate Matters
  • Fraud & Embezzlement
  • Business Litigation
  • Civil Litigation
  • Asset Tracing

“Kerrie is incredible! She is super professional, knows what she is doing, and gets what she needs to get the job done and then some. She is kind but stern, confident and compassionate. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know. She made my case, without her I would have been lost. I will never forget her name and what she did for me. Thank you for everything Kerrie you truly are one of a kind!” S.D.


 - Commitment to Excellence                - Attention to Detail

 - Ability to Meet Deadlines                   - Responsiveness and Availability    

-  Impeccable Ethics                             - Use of the Most Current Technology

-  Decades of Experience                     - Extensive Courtroom Experience

-  Dedication to Advancing Education

- We Think Outside the Box                  

                                      Expert Witness Services

Offices in Orange County, CA and the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas Area

Litigation Support

  • Business Interruption Loss
  • Economic Damage Analysis
  • Personal Injury
  • Breach of Contract Damages
  • Patent & Trademark Infringement
  • Lost Profits
  • Eminent Domain

We not only work for you, we work with ​you. We know that each case is different and has a specific area that you want to focus on. We customize each engagement to be sure we meet your specific needs. 

With over 30 years of experience, we have fine tuned our methods to advantageously use advanced research and analysis techniques to help provide you accurate and reliable information.