• Cash Flow Analysis for Support
  • Asset Tracing
  • Separate Property Tracing
  • ​Expert Testimony in Court 

Experienced and Credentialed Expert Witness Services:

CPA - Certified Public Accountant

ABV - Accredited in Business Valuation

CFF - Certified in Financial Forensics

MAFF - Master Analyst in Financial Forensics

 - Cash Flow Analysis for Support; Asset tracing and Separate Property Tracing for Marital Dissolution

 - Personal Injury Damage Analysis

 - Forensic Accounting

 - Business Valuation

 - Expert Witness Services

 - Fraud Investigation

 - Complex Civil Litigation

 - Patent and Copyright Infringement Damages

 - Economic Damage Analysis

 - Lost Profit Studies

 - Embezzlement and Fraud

 - Accounting Records Reconstruction

 - Fiduciary Accounting

 - Litigation Support

 - IRS Audits

 - Eminent Domain

 - Mobile Home Rent Control Increase Applications