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FAMILY LAW SPECIALIST : Business Valuations, Cash Flow Analysis, Separate Property Tracing, Marital Balance Sheet Preparation, Forensic Accounting, Locate Hidden Assets  FOR FULL DIVORCE RESOURCES: 

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 During these unprecedented times of Covid-19, with businesses forced to close their doors, insurance companies are being flooded with Business Interruption Loss claims. Many insurance companies are being pre-emptive stating on their website that they do not cover losses due to Covid-19.

Each policy is unique and has unique coverages and exclusions. We are highly trained and experienced in business interruption loss profit claims especially as it relates to Covid-19. Many policies may have time limitations to file a claim, so do not wait to file. We are here to walk you through the process, every step of the way ,to ensure that you have not only the strongest and defendable claim but we use our expertise to be pre-emptive in addressing issues that could be cause for denial. 


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