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When you need an experienced expert witness who thinks like an attorney and who can perform complex analysis as a CPA, we can help. We understand that time is of the essence and we work within your timeframe.


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Forensic Accounting

Do you suspect fraud in your business? When business relationships fail we are there to put the financial pieces together to provide a clear and concise accounting. 

Why choose Axiom Forensics?

Business Valuation

Whether you are buying or selling a business, it is critical to have an accurate business valuation to assure that you are getting a fair price or paying a fair price for the business. We provide comprehensive, clear and concise business valuations that you can rely upon. 

"I recently went through a difficult divorce. My ex had taken care of all of the finances so I was in the dark. He was 
withholding information and giving half-truths and I felt powerless. As soon as Kerrie started on the case I felt a sigh of relief. She left no stone unturned and quickly got to the bottom of all of the issues. This included finding undisclosed accounts and a side business. Without her knowledge and expertise I would still be in the dark. Kerrie is compassionate and will fight for you. I truly felt with Kerrie I had someone in my corner at all times and made such a difference during the most difficult time in my life. " Kathy M.

"Ms. Merrifeld is by far the most detailed and analytical person I've met and done business with. Her attention to the most obscure of detail is what made our case. She absolutely doesn't miss a thing. Her credentials are like, O.K. lady, are you ever not studying and improving your knowledge and capacity to serve your clients. Kerrie is far beyond a forensic CPA, she takes your case personally and will do everything to provide you the best possible services as if you were her own family."    Andrew S. 

We not only work for you, we work with ​you. We know that each case is different and has a specific area that you want to focus on. We customize each engagement to be sure we meet your specific needs. 

With over 30 years of experience, we have fine tuned our methods to advantageously use advanced research and analysis techniques to help provide you accurate and reliable information. 

Mobile Home Rent Control Increase Applications

​As a mobile home park owner in a rent controlled city, you may find it difficult to maintain an acceptable profit margin. The process of applying for a rental increase can be overwhelming and cumbersome, often discouraging park owners from applying. We work side by side with your attorney in preparing the crucial financial analysis that is required when submitting a rent increase application. When you need an experienced expert witness who understands the process, we can help. 

"Your testimony knocked out $300,000, of their economic damages." James P. Mason, Attorney at Law

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Featured Services

" Ms. Kerrie Merrifeld is an amazing Forensic CPA to work with.  Her attention to our case was taken to heart.  She listens, analyzes and produces detailed information as if you were her only client.  Kerrie went above and beyond of what was expected of her services to our case.  Her strong confidential abilities aided in the recovery of nearly $15,000,000 that was awarded to my husband and myself in our personal case.  Her professional dedication and expertise knowledge aided in the recovery that would not have been possible without her service.  " Karla A.

Economic and Personal Injury Damage Analysis

Whether you have been personally injured  have suffered damages as a result of a breach of contract, been wrongfully terminated from your employment, or have suffered any financial damages, we are here to ensure that an accurate, defendable and fair economic damage analysis is prepared based on industry and court accepted methods. We are expert witnesses that are experienced in both bench and jury trials.

Expert Witness Services