Losing a loved one is hard enough, you should not have to worry about the complexities of the accounting for the estate or trust. It is crucial that these funds be meticulously accounted for; assuring that each beneficiary receives what they are entitled to receive. Accurate fiduciary accounting helps ensure that the court process moves swiftly.

We offer set up services as well maintaining the monthly, quarterly or annual accounting functions and providing the annual accounting reports required by the courts. 


  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Communication at Every Step
  • Impeccable Ethics
  • We Think Outside the Box
  • Ability to Meet Every Deadline
  • Unsurpassed Attention to Detail
  • Responsiveness and Availability
  • Need to set up a payment plan? We can do that for you quickly and easily. 
  • Have you been unfairly assessed penalties and/or interest? We are highly successful in getting them abated.
  • Are you being audited? Do not let this word scare you, we will walk with you and represent you every step of the way. We handle mail audits, phone audits and in-person audits. You can place all your audit worries on us; we are highly skilled and have obtained exceptionally favorable results.
  • We can represent you at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).
  • We can assist with any tax problems you are experiencing and address any Notices that you receive with the IRS or FTB. Do not ignore these Notices, the IRS can file liens and levies on your assets including your home.​

We are committed to providing only the highest level of professional services. We are continuously updating our skills and techniques to assure that we are providing you with the most advanced and professional results. Our rigorous quality standards and our dedication to complete client satisfaction ensure that you receive clear and concise reports that fit your needs.

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