Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness Services

Kerrie Merrifield has been working in the accounting, forensic accounting and litigation support field for over 30 years. Kerrie's main focus is on Family Law matters, complex civil litigation, forensic accounting, business valuation and economic damage analysis in a variety of industries. Kerrie has worked on over 400 case matters and has been qualified as and testified as an expert witness in both bench and jury trials.  

Board and Committee Service

Kerrie is the currently involved in many industry organizations Boards and community organizations including:
•    Past Chair of the Litigation Forensic Board with NACVA
•    Board Member of the Executive Advisory Board with NACVA
•    Past President of the Los Angeles Chapter of FEWA
•    Past Secretary on the National FEWA Board
•     Board member for NACVA's Business Interruption educational creative team 
•    Board Member on the NACVA Litigation Regulation Compendium ​


Kerrie's teaching experience includes creating and presenting seminars on Business Interruption Claims and Forensic Accounting in Marital Dissolutions with NACVA.


Who we are

We take pride in being responsive, available and consistently  provide timely, accurate, clear and concise reports as well as articulating our findings to a judge or jury with non biased and easy to understand testimony.

We are committed to complete client satisfaction and producing only the highest quality reports, assuring that you receive exceptional and professional results.

our approach

  • “Kerrie is incredible! She is super professional, knows what she is doing, and gets what she needs to get the job done and then some. She is kind but stern, confident and compassionate. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know. She made my case, without her I would have been lost. I will never forget her name and what she did for me. Thank you for everything Kerrie you truly are one of a kind!” S.D.

  •  "Ms. Kerrie Merrifeld is an amazing Forensic CPA to work with.  Her attention to our case was taken to heart.  She listens, analyzes and produces detailed information as if you were her only client.  Kerrie went above and beyond of what was expected of her services to our case.  Her strong confidential abilities aided in the recovery of nearly $15,000,000 that was awarded to my husband and myself in our personal case.  Her professional dedication and expertise knowledge aided in the recovery that would not have been possible without her service. " Karla A. 

  • "My firm retained Ms. Merrifield on a rush basis, to assist with a complex cash flow analysis in a post-judgment Family Law/ Spousal Support modification case. Despite a variety of difficulties and challenges with respect to obtaining the necessary information from the opposing party, Ms. Merrifield was prompt and diligent to provide us with the analysis and report we needed. She prioritized our matter and despite the rush time frame, made sure to communicate effectively about what exactly needed to be done, making changes where called for.  Ms. Merrifield’s clear, convincing and detailed report played a large role in the case’s prompt resolution, thus saving the client thousands of dollars in attorneys fees. Both the client and I were very pleased with the outcome. I look forward to retaining Ms. Merrifield again in the future!" Lauren Mullee, Esq. , Buncher Law Corporation

  • "Your testimony knocked out $300,000, of their economic damages." James P. Mason, Attorney at Law

  • "Ms. Merrifeld is by far the most detailed and analytical person I've met and done business with. Her attention to the most obscure of detail is what made our case. She absolutely doesn't miss a thing. Her credentials are like, O.K. lady, are you ever not studying and improving your knowledge and capacity to serve your clients. Kerrie is far beyond a forensic CPA, she takes your case personally and will do everything to provide you the best possible services as if you were her own family."    Andrew S.

  • "I recently went through a difficult divorce. My ex had taken care of all of the finances so I was in the dark. He was withholding information and giving half-truths and I felt powerless. As soon as Kerrie started on the case I felt a sigh of relief. She left no stone unturned and quickly got to the bottom of all of the issues. This included finding undisclosed accounts and a side business. Without her knowledge and expertise I would still be in the dark. Kerrie is compassionate and will fight for you. I truly felt with Kerrie I had someone in my corner at all times and made such a difference during the most difficult time in my life. " Kathy M.

  • "Kerrie Merrifield of Axiom Forensics is an incredibly intelligent, thorough and detailed oriented expert in her field and beyond. Kerrie not only brings about her talents for intricate and difficult accounting cases she can mediate issues of concern that our lawyers in our divorce were struggling to mediate. Kerrie’s astute knowledge has proved incredibly invaluable to my divorce case. It has been a pleasure working with Kerrie and gaining further insight into our matrimonial financial portfolio which was kept from me by my soon to be ex. I’m grateful to have found Axiom Forensics and Kerrie and highly recommend her to anyone needing help with their accounting needs, forensic accounting, taxes and more. Thank you for your amazing services."